Friday, 4 November 2011

Personalised newspaper front page gift offer with the Scottish Daily Mail

Why waste cards on expensive cards that will end up in the recycling within days?

Scooped has got together with the Scottish Daily Mail to offer readers their chance to  purchase a special personalised newspaper gift front page.

Here is a copy of the gift newspaper promotion for all readers of the Scottish Daily Mail.


Anonymous said...

Dear Scooped,

I am extremely disappointed and feel thoroughly let down by your company.

On Saturday 2nd March I ordered (and paid for) a Mother’s day edition of your spoof newspaper. This was meant to be a lovely surprise for my Mum on Mother’s Day.

This was ordered in plenty of time as your website quotes 2 days to dispatch and then 2 days to delivery. In fact I wonder why I was able to order a Mother’s day gift last Saturday when you are unable to deliver it in time for Mother’s day.

I have patiently waited all week and now it is 1 day before Mother’s day and nothing has arrived. I have tried to ring your office, but there is no telephone number on your website- the link that does imply I might find a telephone number redirects me to a competition. Am I to take it that this is a “spoof” website and I have indeed been conned out of my £ 13.48? This has also left my poor Mum without a Mother’s day present-as I live 200 miles away from her and was going to post the gift on myself.

You will be pleased to note that I am going to try and add my customer feedback to your website-I don’t expect you will put that on your front page!

As the present is now useless I expect a full refund of my money, as for a present for my poor Mum- I will have to purchase from a reliable company.

Glynis said...

Im am disgusted - I got my fathers day print and it looks NOTHING like a newspaper it A3 plain paper - I was charged 4.99 pounds for postage when it only cost 1.37 pounds - I HAVE BEEN SCAMMED BY MAKINGTHENEWS.CO.UK .
Im still to get response to my email I sent the company.

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